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Down That Aisle In Style!
A Wedding Guide for Full-Figured Women
ISBN 1-886249-13-X
WindRiver Publishing (November 1, 2006)

[Foreword BOTY Finalist] What makes a woman truly beautiful? In a world of infinite shapes and sizes, what brings out that inner radiance capable of making any woman breathtaking? Down That Aisle In Style, A Wedding Guide for Full-Figured Women uses the fundamentals of design and style to make an exquisite bride out of any woman and helps her to create , not only the perfect day, but perfect memories — to last a lifetime!

Waiting for Mr. Darcy
ISBN 1-585713-51-1
Genesis Press (September 1, 2009)

Synopsis Forthcoming

The More Things Change
ISBN 1-585713-28-7
Genesis Press (Dec 2008)

Together Cathy and Marcus survived the tabloids, overzealous fans and revenge of a supermodel. So when Marcus pops the question Cathy is thrilled to be marrying the man of her dreams. Finally believing that people realized Marcus could be happy with a plus size woman, she soon discovers the more things change the more they stay the same. Throw in someone from Marcus' past and planning the perfect wedding becomes a chess match.

Bliss, Inc.
ISBN 1-585713-25-2
Genesis Press (Jun 2008)

Having given up on dating, wedding planner Paige indulges in a passionate one-night stand with Matthew and then throws herself into her career. Soon afterwards she lands a major venture--planning the wedding of Matthew's brother.

Not His Type
ISBN 1-585712-53-1
Genesis Press (Oct 2007)

[RTBR Best African-American Romance] For New York literary agent and author Cathy Chambers, life is pretty good. She has a job she loves in a city she loves; things are even sweeter because New York is home to her favorite baseball team, the Yankees. For years, Cathy has had a crush on Yankees superstar Marcus Fox. He's handsome, he plays for her favorite team, and, best of all for Cathy, he's completely unattainable. That is, until chance leads her to meet him in a trendy restaurant. Now, Cathy's dream is suddenly attainable...if she can overcome her self-consciousness long enough to believe that Marcus, who is well-known for being surrounded by skinny models, could really be interested in a full-figured woman.

Ms. Doesn't Stand for Multiple Sclerosis
ISBN 0-595149-05-7
Writers Club Press (Jan 2001)

A Funny, sweet and moving account of a single parent with MS. Her life, her loves, her family and how she lives with her disease. It's an emotional journey to her acceptance of herself as a woman with MS.

You're Getting Married?
ISBN 0-595152-09-0
Writers Club Press (Dec 2000)

Therese has everything a woman could want, great children, a good career and a sexy man who wants to marry her. Now all she has to do is convince the world someone over a size 14 actually gets married and doesn't live in a hole in the earth.